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LA to San Diego from - $29 LA to Las Vegas - $89 Sacramento to SF - $29


Why deal with long airport lines, a slow bus or a crowded train when you can JetCar?

Travel from one city to another, door to door without the hassle of an airport or station check-in or waiting around for departure. Just tap your destination and within minutes a JetCar will be at your door to take you to your destination. 

Take an Uber or Lyft for short trips, take a JetCar for your longer trips of more than 30 miles. It's way less than flying and a lot less of a hassle.

Door to Door

The days of waiting at a gate or train station for a reasonable priced trip back from University or on your way to work is over. Budget friendly, door to door rides are a tap away with JetCar.


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How to JetCar:

  1. Download the JetCar app 
  2. Enter destination of more than 30 miles
  3. Select service: 
    1. Economy or Economy Plus - similar to other pool services. We'll match you with a rider going to the same city as you are. Once they are picked up then you'll be on your way without the annoying stops along your trip. 
    2. Business Class - you'll get the car to yourself and can leave immediately.
  4. Driver will pick you up at your current location - you are on your way!